Whimsy Faces NFT Collection

Welcome to Whimsy Faces NFT Collection!

A limited collection of 550 unique whimsical, non-binary, open-minded characters that live freely and express themselves on the Polygon blockchain.

Be different! Be yourself! Be WHIMSY!

Get your Whimsy Face

Currently minted

All 550 Whimsy Faces NFTs minted!

After all of the available editions are sold, we'll hold a community raffle. Stay tuned for more details!

L'art pour l'art

Whimsy Faces NFT is an Art project that emerged from the collaboration between a Visual Artist and a Software Engineer.

This project isn't about bored primates, "exclusive" clubs or false promises that are in fact blatant cash-grab attempts.

This project is about combining art, aesthetics, and feelings with current technology. We're bringing the structure of the traditional portrait paintings to the current modern times, and blend them with the nature, problems and emotions of modern society.


Mint the first 100 editions on OpenSea

We'll start by minting the first 100 editions of Whimsy Faces NFT Collection on OpenSea. Check them out!

Giveaway 10 NFTs

We will select 10 NFTs at random from the first batch and give them away for free to 10 lucky winners.

Check Whimsy Faces' YouTube channel for the random selections recordings.

List for sale

After giving away 10 random NFTs to the winners, the remainder of 90 NFTs from the first batch will be listed for sale at 0.023 ETH.

Mint the remaining editions

We will mint & list for sale the remaining 450 NFTs. The price for the first 275 editions will be 0.023 ETH.

Starting with edition 276, the price will be raised to 0.05 ETH.

Keep in mind that there are no gas fees!

Community raffle

After all of the available editions are sold, we'll hold a community raffle. Prizes and details will be revealed shortly after the sale phase finishes. Stay tuned!

Even more

Giveaways, donations to charities & more.

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Hand-drawn traits
0.023 ETH (#276-#550: 0.05 ETH)
Gas fees

Meet the team


The Visual Artist

A lifelong artist and aesthete, she hand-drawn each and every element used to generate the Whimsy Faces collection.

Have a look at her awesome artworks on Instagram.


The Tech Guy